Strong Local Support for the 340b Program

There is strong local support for the 340(b) program; such support is understood because it provides pharmaceuticals at a reduced price a wide range of income groups. It is not unusual to see proponents of the 340b parade those individuals truly in need of a discount. However the abuse in the 340b continues to increase because the beneficiaries are not limited to low income individuals.

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Hospital Groups Welcome HRSA’s 340B Administrative Dispute Resolution Plan

340B hospitals welcome the Health Resources and Services Administration’s proposed administrative dispute resolution process, and America’s Essential Hospitals and 340B Health are particularly pleased the newly proposed rule would let associations pursue disputes on behalf of their members. Once finalized, the administrative dispute process that HRSA proposed late last week would replace an informal process that HRSA says has been in place since 1996. The new process would help resolve issues between drug manufacturers and providers, HRSA says, including manufacturers.

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Six Retail Chains Now Dominate the Still-Booming 340B

The pharmacy industry’s role in the 340B Drug Pricing Program continues to expand.

Our latest analysis finds that nearly 18,000 pharmacy locations contract with 340B-eligible covered entities. That accounts for more than one in four U.S. retail, mail, and specialty pharmacy locations.

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