Tech Wire: Zuckerberg: Regulation by ‘thoughtful governments’ with ‘robust democratic process’ is OK

France welcomed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Paris on Friday with the threat of sweeping new regulations against his social media behemoth — and Zuckerberg himself called that proposal a good thing.

With his company under fire on multiple fronts, Zuckerberg came to France to show that Facebook is working hard to limit violent extremism and hate speech shared online.

But a group of French regulators and experts who spent weeks inside Facebook facilities in Paris, Dublin and Barcelona as part of a pilot cooperation project say the company still isn’t working hard enough on that front and governments need to step in.


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Newsroon: How the world is tackling social media regulation

“It’s all well and good to have domestic legislation that we think’s going to do the trick, but in my view it would be all the more strengthened if we had the international community asking the same thing. That’s something that I’m interested in.”


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Wired: Like Guns, Social Media Is A Weapon That Should Be Regulated

The decision by the Sri Lankan government this week to shut down the big social networks—including Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Snapchat—in the aftermath of an Easter day terrorist attack on three Catholic churches and three upscale hotels feels like a turning point in our relationship with these platforms.

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Forbes Contributor: History Tells Us Social Media Regulation Is Inevitable

As policymakers around the world grapple with regulating social media, it seems increasingly likely that the question is not whether social media will face government intervention, but just how consequential those interventions will be. Today’s social titans hail largely from the United States, with its longstanding primacy of near-absolute freedom of speech.

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