In the very short period of time that CRE has established an interactive public docket which addresses possible US regulation of the social media two dominant concerns have been raised both in the literature and on the basis of first-hand discussions with stakeholders:

(1) how do you address First Amendment Issues, and

(2)  will mission creep maim the US high tech industry?

Question (1) is self-explanatory.

Question (2) is raised in terms of mission creep; the ability of regulators to continually expand upon their initial mandate.  Mission creep not only results from the promulgation of regulations but in a myriad of guidance documents.

This question places an emphasis on retaining US leadership in one If not the most important industries In the world as witnessed by the existence of the following US firms:

airbnb              amazon                ancestry              DOORDASH                Dropox                 ebay

Etsy                 evenbrite               Expedia               facebook                     Google                Groupon

handy              homeaway             IAC                     intuit                             Letgo                 LinkedIn

lyft                   matchgroup          Microsoft            Paypal                           Pinterest            Postmates

QuickenLoans  rockspace             Rakuten               reddit                            Snap Inc.            Spotify