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CRE Archives
Interactive Public Docket

Interactive Public Docket: Marine Mammals

EPA Responds to CRE Interactive Public Docket Comment on Data Quality
Agency defends its peer review practices against D.C. lawyer's criticism that EPA uses contractors to avoid FACA openness requirements.

CRE launches expanded public comment service
View third party comments submitted to federal agencies and CRE, and submit your own comment on important regulatory issues.

EPA Scientist Corresponds with CRE on Risk Assessment
Dr. Robert T. Lackey of EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory, recently advised CRE of the Internet posting of his paper on ecological risk assessment.

Senior Fellow at Resources for the Future calls Report on Carcinogens "Obsolete"
James D. Wilson of nonpartisan Washington D.C. think tank criticizes the RoC's qualitative component and lack of quantitative risk/exposure analysis, says Congress should relieve HHS of listing responsibility claimed by other agencies.