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Atrazine is one of the most popular herbicides used in the world. It is used to stop weeds from competing with beneficial plants for food production. Consequently its use has fostered the production of millions of tons of food products. However, in recent years, questions have been raised concerning its impact on the environment. is a website dedicated to presenting relevant scientific and regulatory information on this important product. The information is being presented to enable the public, the press and decision-makers at all levels of government to make decisions based on sound science and in accordance with the principles of the Data Quality Act.

The information on any website is no better than the reputation and guiding principles of its "Anchor Site." The anchor site is that of the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness ( CRE is an established and well-recognized regulatory organization governed by former White House Office of Management and Budget officials (CRE Advisory Board) with more than four decades of regulatory experience (OMB Regulatory Officials by Administration).

The CRE is a regulatory watchdog (About the CRE) which works to ensure Federal agency compliance with "Good Government Laws" including Executive Order 12866, Regulatory Planning and Review, Paperwork Reduction Act, Unfunded Mandates Act, Regulatory Flexibility Act and most recently the Data Quality Act (Data Quality), of which CRE was the initial proponent (CRE in the News).

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