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The Metcalf Insititute, A Leading Journalistic Institute for Accurate Scientific and Environmental Reporting, Spotlights the CRE Atrazine Petition

The far-ranging implications of CRE’s atrazine petition were highlighted in an article by the Metcalf Institute discussing the Data Quality Act. The article notes that "the CRE challenge has a broader sweep: It asserts that the government may neither publish nor use scientific studies until government validation protocols are finalized."

Atrazine: A Cure For Malaria?

The Grand Valley Lanthorn reports that Biomes Pharmaceuticals is raising funds to obtain FDA approval of atrazine as cure for malaria. Biomes believes that atrazine could kill the malaria parasite in essentially the same manner that it kills weeds. Biomes is seeking funding to conduct the tests necessary to obtain FDA funding. It is seeking funding from the United States Navy and the World Health Organization.

  • Click here for article on atrazine as a cure for malaria.

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