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Environmental Effects

     While EPA is concentrating on validating tests for endocrine effects in humans, the Biological Resources Division (BRD) of the United States Geological Survey is trying to validate tests for endocrine effects in wildlife. One of these tests is to determine atrazine’s endocrine effects on frogs. BRD’s current schedule calls for completion of this validation process on July 30, 2004.

CRE’s Position on Test Validation

     EPA’s FIFRA/FQPA environmental risk assessment for atrazine states that atrazine causes endocrine effects in frogs and other wildlife. These statements are not based on any validated tests because there currently are no such validated tests. CRE, the Triazine Network, and the Kansas Corn Growers Association filed a Request for Correction of EPA’s statements under the Data Quality Act. This Petition argues that EPA’s endocrine effects statements violate the Data Quality Act’s standards because there are no validated tests to determine whether atrazine causes endocrine effects in humans.

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