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Electronic Regulatory Forum

Electronic Regulatory Forum

CRE Opens Electronic Regulatory Forum

Each year, the federal government proposes a number of regulations of economic significance impacting a variety of business sectors. The economic assumptions, cost-benefit analyses, and other underpinnings of these rules are often open to question. However, the complexity of the issues and the short span of most public comment periods often leave interested parties in a difficult position when responding to these agency proposals. Several users of the CRE website have asked CRE to provide assistance in this area, so as to improve overall regulatory policy.

Leave A Comment In response to these requests, CRE is please to announce a new service on its website which will allow the regulated community and the interested public to exchange information about important regulations proposed by federal agencies. The CRE Electronic Regulatory Forum will allow for enhanced review of such agency actions and submission of better comments to the

In this way, interested parties need not draft their comments in isolation or in reliance on a small number of colleagues. The CRE Electronic Regulatory Forum will help identify other interested parties, share information and analyses, and test various hypotheses. This ongoing exchange of information will be posted on the CRE Website and will also be open to federal regulators during and after the formal public comment period announced in the Federal Register.

However, the key to this endeavor is participation by interested parties, as CRE cannot exhaustively research and analyze every issue itself. CRE also requires input on topic worthy of coverage. CRE hopes that this service will be a useful resource to visitors to the site.