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Interactive Public Docket

The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness ( is conducting a survey on Regulation by Litigation. Please answer the following questions and click the submit button.

Questions About Regulation by Litigation
Should HUD terminate their assistance to a suit against firearms manufacturers unless they receive specific Congressional approval?
Yes:    No:   
Should DOJ terminate their litigation against Microsoft and present any proposed sanctions to the public through a Federal Register notice and comment process?
Yes:    No:   
Should States/municipalities terminate their litigation against lead paint companies unless they receive specific authorization to sue from their legislative bodies?
Yes:    No:   
Should USDA, EPA, FDA file an amicus curiae brief defending their regulatory regime and opposing the private litigation against federally-approved products?
Yes:    No:   
Should any changes in how HMOs operate pass through a legislative process?
Yes:    No:   
Should a Presidential Commission be appointed to study and make recommendations regarding Regulation by Litigation?
Yes:    No:   
Are you interested in participating in a CRE symposium on Regulation by Litigation?
Yes:    No:   
Please tell us your views (1000 words maximum) on regulation by litigation.

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