Monday, August 16, 2004

Caution: It Could Be a Hermaphrodesiac

Yahoo! News - 'Data Quality' Law Is Nemesis Of Regulation: "'We sandwiched this in between Jerry Ford's library and something else,' Tozzi said. 'Was it something that did not have hearings? Yes. Is it something that keeps me awake at night? No. Is it something that I would do again, exactly? Yes, you bet your ass I would. I would not even think about it, okay? Sometimes you get the monkey, and sometimes the monkey gets you.'"

I have two words for the anti-regulation lobby:


Read this article, I implore you, and find out the latest trick the GOP has handed industries that give people cancer and destroy the environment. When it comes to not-giving-me-or-my-family-cancer, I will tell you right now that the EPA, the FDA, the NIH, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission most definitely do NOT over-regulate.

And as for lobbyist Jim J. Tozzi, who finagled congress into hamstringing the EPA through the White House's Office of Management and Budget, I seriously hope the monkey gets him good.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Tilden's Rolling In His Grave

Yahoo! News - U.S. to Get International Election Observers: "'For over 200 years, this nation has conducted elections fairly and impartially, ensuring that each person's vote will count,' said Rep. Stephen Buyer during debate on the floor of the House of Representatives. 'Imagine going to your polling place on the morning of November 2 and seeing blue-helmeted foreigners inside your local library, school or fire station.'"

Apparent Mr. Buyer is not a very careful student of the US electoral process. Rutherford B. Hayes, anyone? Tammany Hall? "Vote early, and often?" The dead people who voted for Kennedy? The Jim Crow laws? You call Florida 2000 and the ridiculously careless methodology of the felon-list purge ensuring every vote will count? Nonsense! Mr. Buyer, you are ignorant of the history of elections in this country, which makes you a very poor congressional representative. Also, you're a xenophobic nutjob.

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