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®: CRE Regulatory Action of the Week

CRE Interpretive Bulletin No. 1
One of CRE's mandates is to promote efficiency in agency actions. Since most agencies have finalized their Data Quality guidelines, CRE will be providing recommendations for improving the efficiency of the federal Data Quality program. CRE will communicate its recommendations through Interpretive Bulletins. Prior to finalizing the Bulletins, CRE will post them in draft on this site for public comment. CRE requests the views of its readers with respect to topics that should be addressed through the Bulletins. The first CRE Interpretive Bulletin concerns an issue raised by a number of persons who, although supportive of the Act, are concerned about the potential for correction petitions to over-burden agencies. Basically, the issue could be described as the difference between a "Win-at-the-Agency" approach and a "Win-in-Court" strategy. In the former, a petitioner asks the agency to correct only those determinative issues that affect an outcome, while the latter approach develops a comprehensive list of issues, with varying degrees of significance, with the intent to develop a complete record for eventual judicial review.

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