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®: CRE Regulatory Action of the Week

CRE Responds to CPR Letter to EPA and OMB Alleging CRE Misuse of Data Quality Act

On May 19, two academic members of the Center for Progressive Regulation wrote to EPA Administrator Whitman and OIRA Administrator Graham complaining that CRE was attempting to misuse the DQA when it filed comments with EPA rebutting comments on a biosolids rulemaking submitted by NRDC and a Cornell University project director. They alleged that the CRE comments constituted a DQ "complaint" which was an attempt to "quell scientific debate" and "pick-off" or "censor" comments "outside the normal confines of the rulemaking process." The CPR letter also argued at length that both OMB and CRE have misinterpreted the DQA as applying to information disseminated as part of rulemaking proceedings. The CRE response explains how the CPR assertions are inaccurate and reflect a misunderstanding of the CRE comments and the Data Quality legislation and guidance.

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