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Consumer Response Service

Positive Communication: The CRE Consumer Response Service

To further a rapprochement between consumers and businesses, CRE has set up a Consumer Response Service to provide a positive line of communication, in which consumers could make their complaints known to the CRE (please supply relevant manufacturer address information). After having notified the manufacturer, in some instances (at the request of a manufacturer), CRE will conduct an analytical review of the problem and attempt to formulate a solution. The CRE analysis will be shared with the manufacturer in hopes of reaching a reasonable resolution.

In many instances, manufacturers and service providers may not even realize a problem exists. The CRE Consumer Response Service is designed to reduce unfavorable publicity and to resolve problems expediently. In select circumstances, at the request of the manufacturer, the CRE will act as an impartial broker to resolve identified problems before an escalation results which would require a regulatory solution. In these instances, CRE will draft a written report on the resolution of the problem and post it on the CRE Website, thereby showcasing the positive outcome of the case.

Send E-mail to The CRE Consumer Response Service at:

Please remember to supply manufacturer address information.