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HHS/NTP Report on Carcinogens Program



Legal Challenge to EPA Dioxin Reassessment is Settled
Plaintiffs and EPA have agreed to settle the legal challenge to the agency's Dioxin Reassessment. However, plaintiffs note there is still potential for a challenge to the Reassessment under the Data Quality Act. With this litigation-related barrier removed, EPA may move rapidly to release the final Dioxin Reassessment for interagency review. The Chairman of EPA's Appropriations Committee in the House has requested that the agency defer release of the Dioxin Reassessment until the National Academy of Sciences has had time to complete an important related study. CRE is informed that the Risk Assessment may state that dioxin has adverse effects at or below background levels. If that is indeed the conclusion of the Reassessment, this will have major implications for the national food supply.

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  • Appeals Court Ruling May Aid Challenge to EPA Dioxin Review

    NTP Postpones Its "Imminent" Release of 9th RoC Until May 15, 2000, Following Hearing in Tozzi v. HHS.
    Justice Department attorneys filed notice April 3 that HHS is prepared to release the 9th RoC later this month. The agency is withholding release, however, because of a May 4 court hearing in a lawsuit by CRE Advisory Board Member Jim Tozzi and other plaintiffs. The final report, which Secretary Shalala has now approved, still lists dioxin as a "known human carcinogen", despite plaintiffs' claims that the agency failed to follow its own listing criteria on the proposed dioxin upgrade.

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    Regulatory and Legislative Impacts of the Ninth Report on Carcinogens
    Providing an ongoing forum to identify and discuss various legislative and regulatory actions taken at the federal, State, and local level based upon the Ninth Report. CRE welcomes additional examples suitable for inclusion in this section.