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Soundings Archive

Are Marine Mammals Causing Diminished Fish Stocks?
Global fish stocks are diminishing. Over fishing by humans is usually blamed for the decline. Jim Beers, a former US Fish and Wildlife Service biologist, has a different opinion. According to Mr. Beers, marine mammals have increased in number as a result of their protected status. They are now so numerous that they are depleting fish and plankton stocks. Mr. Beers explains his concern over the increasing numbers of marine mammals in an interview contained in Sustainable eNews, an online publication of the IWMC World Conservation Trust. Mr. Beers blames much of this problem on overly protective laws like the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act, and on the International Whaling Commission's refusal to approve commercial whaling.

This issue of Sustainable eNews also contains interesting articles on Iceland's decision to resume commercial whaling, and on the IWC's review of aboriginal Alaskan bowhead whales.

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