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NMFS Publishes Bycatch List
On March 28, 2007, the National Marine Fisheries Service published the final List of Fisheries for 2007 that is required by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. NMFS explains that this statutorily required list

    "categorizes each commercial fishery ...into one of three categories under the MMPA based on the level of serious injury and mortality of marine mammals that occurs incidental to each fishery. The categorization of a fishery in the LOF determines whether participants in that fishery are subject to certain provisions of the MMPA, such as registration, observer coverage, and take reduction plan requirements."
In its March rule, NMFS listed the following commercial fisheries as Category II, which means that they must comply with registration requirements, comply with applicable take reduction plan requirements, and carry observers, if requested:
    The Alaska Cook Inlet set gillnet fishery, Alaska Cook Inlet salmon purse seine fishery, Alaska Kodiak salmon purse seine fishery, California tuna purse seine fishery, Mid-Atlantic mid-water trawl (including pair trawl) fishery, and Mid-Atlantic flynet fishery.
While the 2007 LOF is published as a final rule, NMFS and OMB request comments on the rule's burden-hour estimates or other aspects of the rule's information collection requirements.
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