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Soundings Archive

MMS Awards Grant for Noise Monitoring in the Chukchi Sea
The U.S. Minerals Management Service has awarded a $330,000 grant to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. The grant is to be used by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in a three year project "for monitoring the sources and levels of anthropogenic (e.g., seismic activity) and natural (e.g., marine mammal calls) noise in the Chukchi Sea."

The April/May/June 2009 issue of MMS' Ocean Science magazine has an article on the grant. This article states that one reason for the grant is that

    "Future oil and gas development is planned in the Chukchi Sea. Substantial changes in the marine ecosystem, anticipated from climate change, include reduction of the thickness and spatial extent of sea ice. This can change acoustic propagation. Add to that an increase in anthropogenic noise sources from oil and gas activity and vessel traffic, and it's likely that nose levels and sources in the Chukchi Sea will change.

    Before increased activities begin, and to gauge how marine mammals' distribution and abundance may be influenced by those activities, it's crucial to establish baseline information."
  • Click here to read MMS' article about the grant

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