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CRE Asks IWC and the Public to Consider Brazilian Marine Mammal Report
On September 12, 2009, the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness Brasil sent a letter to the International Whaling Commission asking the IWC to consider an important new Field Guide on Brazilian whales and dolphins. This Field Guide is entitled Whales, River Dolphins, and Dolphins in the Campos Basin, Brazil. CRE believes that this Field Guide is the definitive work on the subject.

The Field Guide concludes that routine pollution (e.g., consumer discarded plastic) poses the primary risk to Brazil's marine mammals. The Field Guide concludes that other far more heavily regulated activities like oil and gas seismic operations are a minor risk compared to plastics and other trash floating in the ocean. The Field Guide also identifies whale watching and other activities as needing more regulatory attention.

In addition to providing an online link to the Field Guide itself, CRE Brasil's letter to the IWC transmits a White Paper that discusses the regulatory implications of the Field Guide. CRE's IWC letter and White Paper recommend that limited regulatory resources be used where they are most needed. There is an urgent need to refocus regulatory attention to routine, everyday pollution, whale watching, ship traffic and fishing.

CRE has placed the Field Guide and the IWC correspondence on the CRE Ocean Zoning website, which is available online at

CRE invites public comment on these documents, and has created an online Interactive Public Docket for public discussion. See

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