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Soundings Archive

Questionnaire Relating to Underwater Sound and Marine Life
In September, 2011, Ross Compton, from the University of Plymouth, distributed a questionnaire relating to Underwater Sound and Marine Life. The questionnaire is intended to seek opinions relating to the scientific basis of guidelines for the mitigation of underwater sound, as well as issues relating to current practice. The questionnaire explains:

    "The subject of underwater sound and its potential impacts upon marine life is an important area of scientific research. Concern over potential effects upon marine mammal species in particular has led to the development and implementation of guidelines for the offshore industries. The key example is the 'Guidelines for minimising the risk of injury and disturbance to marine mammals from seismic surveys', issued by the UK's Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC). Similar protocols exist for piling and the use of explosives in the marine environment.

    Similar guidelines have been developed around the world, primarily for geophysical survey operations. Each set of guidelines has common features relating to how operations should be monitored, delayed and in some cases temporarily suspended due to the proximity of protected marine species. The implementation of such guidelines has, and continues to be a contentious issue for stakeholders due to the costs incurred and differing views regarding the scientific basis for the varying features of the guidelines, as well as the effectiveness in terms of the conservation of species.

    This questionnaire is designed to gather opinions on;
    1) the scientific basis of the guidelines
    2) the practicalities and issues relating to current practice."
The questionnaire can be accessed, completed and returned via the following link:
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