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Business More Scared Of Regulators Than Of Terrorists
According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, during the fourth quarter of 2003 more CEOs across the globe viewed "overregulation" as the greatest single threat to their business than any other single risk, including "global terrorism." Winston is flabbergasted. He naively thought over-regulation was primarily a U.S. problem. He was wrong. Less than half of U.S. CEOs consider over-regulation a significant or major threat, while 72 % of South American and 61 % of European CEOs do.

Winston has no advice to offer his French Poodle and German Shepherd friends overseas. He has a hard enough time with the Government here. Although based on the Global CEO survey results, it could be worse.
  • Click for Executive Summary of Global CEO Survey: Managing Risk: An Assessment of CEO Preparedness.
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