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EPA'S ETV Program Deserves More Support-And Funding
Winston was pleased to be invited to EPA's recent Environmental Technology Verification Briefing. He was displeased to learn there that the ETV Program's funding is being cut drastically. This is precisely the type of federal activity that should be increased, not decreased.

The EPA ETV Program was established in 1995. Its Website explains that the "Program develops testing protocols and verifies the performance of innovative technologies that have the potential to improve protection of human health and the environment." The ETV Program "was created to accelerate the entrance of new environmental technologies into the domestic and international marketplace." It examines environmental cleanup, control and monitoring technology to verify that they work as advertised. This verification benefits all concerned: the user, the vendor, the public and the environment. As EPA's independent Science Advisory Board recently concluded, "Verification testing information provided by the ETV program fulfills an essential need of the environmental technology marketplace."

The ETV Program has compiled an impressive resume of accomplishments. It has so far completed verifications for 252 environmental technologies ranging from "Ambient Fine Particulate Monitors" to Add-on NOx Control Devices" to "Gas Chromatographs/Mass Spectrometers (Field Portable)" to "Fuel Cells." The ETV Program has also developed 72 generic technology verification protocols. The ETV Program is verifying technologies critical to Homeland Security efforts to protect us.

Winston understands that the Federal Government's budget is too big and that no one likes to pay taxes. However, the development of sound regulatory science and technology is one area that should be cut last and least. One ETV verification alone justifies an increased budget: "Animal Waste Treatment-Solids Separation." That's environmental technology any regulatory watchdog can appreciate (and use).
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