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Nihilistic Nuttiness
The FBI has described the Earth Liberation Front as a top domestic terrorism threat. However, there is another apt description for the pseudo-environmentalists: nihilistic nuts. ELF are nihilists. They reject all positive values and principles and embrace only destruction. ELF is also nuts if they think their campaign of violence will achieve anything but their own eventual imprisonment.

The latest violent crimes attributed to ELF include arson attacks on three homes in Snohomish County, Washington as well as an attempted arson attack on another house. Although best known for their vandalism against SUVs, ELF-affiliated individuals are believed to have committed violent attacks against everything from a water bottling plant in Michigan to the Center for Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington.

Not surprisingly, legitimate environmentalists have denounced ELF. For example, a senior Sierra Club official was quoted as saying, "What's happened in Snohomish County is not an ecological statement but a criminal act."

ELF is believed to be affiliated with another band of nihilists who go under the moniker of the Animal Liberation Front. Just as ELF commits environmental damage in supposed support of the environment, ALF has committed crimes that cause the death of animals in supposed support of animal rights.

Winston encourages anyone who has information about the ELF/ALF nihilists to contact their local law enforcement agency.

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