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DHS Needs More Money To Implement Key GAO Recommendations
The Government Accounting Office has now released its report to Congress on the status of key GAO recommendations to the Department of Homeland security and its legacy agencies. Winston assumes everyone knows what the Department of Homeland Security is. "Legacy agencies" are those pre-existing agencies that have been subsumed into the new DHA.

The GAO has made what it believes to be 104 "key" recommendations for improvement to DHA and its legacy agencies between March 1, 1997 and March 1, 2004. While DHS was not officially established until 2003, GAO included in the 104 number recommendations it made to the legacy agencies before they became part of DHS.

According to the GAO report, only 40 of the 104 key recommendations have been fully implemented. The GAO report states:

    "While DDHS is working to address the remaining 63 key recommendations, agency documents and other information DHS provided indicated that the agency faces challenges related to 24 of these recommendations, such as funding and other resource constraints. These challenges will need to be overcome for DHS to effectively address these recommendations."
If DHS is necessary to protect us from terrorist attacks, and if the GAO recommendations are necessary to for DHS to do its job, then Congress needs to do its job. Give DHS the funding necessary to keep us safe.
  • Click for GAO report.

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