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2004 Archives

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  • December 2004

    America's Cultural Heritage Is In Good Hands

    Man Bites Dog

    Even Pardoned Fugitives Needs Watching

    OMB Watch Launches Nonprofit Issues Blog

    HHS: Watching Out For Integrity Violations

    Greenpeace Toxic Tech Test Fails To Answer Questions

  • November 2004

    Another Case of NGO Spongiform Encephalopathy?

    Government Needs Better Data Before It Can Use Environmental Indicators

    Out of the Ballpark

    Enviros Win Case That May Support Judicial Review Of Data Quality Act Petitions

    Another Wall Street Scandal?

    NHTSA Traffic Accident Data Is Unreliable


  • October 2004

    More Grey Goo

    Kyoto A Go Or Time for Kyoto to Go?

    Politics Should Not Decide NEPA Cases

    Terminating An Invasion of Your Privacy

    A Nobel Peace Prize for Encouraging Violence?

    The Cost Of Regulation

    Blunt Talk About Marijuana

  • September 2004

    Bush Administration And Regulations

    Don't Write Rubber Checks

    Courts To Congress: Send Money

    Who Is Watching WHO?

    More Bad News About Federal Debt And Spending

    Drilling A Hole in the Sierra Club's Fantasy

    More Bad News About Federal Debt And Spending

  • August 2004

    Time to Cut Baby Boomer Benefits

    Panther Data Quality Act Petition Should Be Granted

    Allocating Federal Gas Tax Receipts: Are Commuters Losers?

    DHS Needs More Money To Implement Key GAO Recommendations

    Greenpeace: A New ESPN Sponsor?

    We're Broke, And It May Get Worse

    Spreading Spam

    GAO Reviews Utilities' SEC Disclosure On Global Warming

    Googling GEICO: The Public Interest in Corporate Free Speech

  • July 2004

    New Consultation Rules Give Endangered Species A Better Chance

    Hot Air

    Government Scientists Should Not Be Fired For Doing Their Job

    TV a la Carte?

    Request For Correction Of OMB Watch's Critique Of OMB's Report To Congress

    Genetically Modified Beer

    Public Discussion Of Secret Science

    Comptroller General's Position On Accounting Standards For Stock Options

  • June 2004

    A Damning Statement On the Bank One-J.P. Morgan Merger

    DOE Can't Defend Against Terror Attacks

    Banking While Black

    Nano-Dad Says No Grey Goo

    Bouncing Back from the Biopharming Blues

    One Title Is Worth A Thousand Words

    Watching the Citi

    Farmer Mac Needs Work

    Activists Exploit Workers In Taco Bell Boycott Campaign

  • May 2004

    ESA Consultation: BLM Has Already Done What EPA Wants To Do

    Are Community and Consumer WatchDogs Right In Opposing the Bank One – Morgan Chase Merger?

    European Commission Approves GMO Corn -- Finally

    PEERing At Panthers

    Why Agency-Wide Peer Review Guidelines Are Needed

    Will an NRDC–EPA Conflict of Interest Kill the Mercury Rulemaking?

    OMB Information Quality Act Report May Surprise Critics

    Learning From An Expert

  • April 2004

    Who Regulates Nanotechnology And How?

    Nihilistic Nuttiness

    Is NRDC A Felon?

    Watching The Earth

    WHO/FAO Diet Report Doesn't Meet Data Quality Act Standards

    Chimp With A Gun

    Greenpeace Theme: We Starve The World

    Spamming EPA

    What's In Your Wallet: Part II

  • March 2004

    U.S. District Court of Agriculture

    What's In Your Wallet?

    Clicking and Credibility

    Wisconsin Enacts State Data Quality Requirements

    Shipping Jobs to Oblivion

    GAO Generally Supports Regulatory Reforms For Mutual Funds

    The Greening of Hate

    EPA Is Not Performing Its Homeland Security Duties

    Too Much Science?

  • February 2004

    Regulatory Plan Clearly States Administration Policies

    WatchDog for Sale?

    EPA'S ETV Program Deserves More Support-And Funding

    Taking Aim at Regulation by Litigation

    GAO Report On Broadband Service Providers: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

    10 Cents

    Business More Scared Of Regulators Than Of

    NRDC: Real Estate Mogul

  • January 2004

    GAO Finds Data Quality Problems With Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reports

    ICANN Subject to Data Quality Act

    NRDC & Friends Want To Run The Agencies

    Media Diversity, the FCC and Regulation by Litigation

    The Government Wants Help Keeping Senior Citizens Active

    The Watchdog Fund: A New Approach to Improving Corporate Governance

    Voodoo Science

    In Jail – No Bail

    Court To NRDC: No


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