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OMB Watch Launches Nonprofit Issues Blog
On its website, OMB Watch describes itself as "a nonprofit research and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting government accountability, participation in public policy decisions, and the use of fiscal and regulatory policy to serve the public interest." Based on this self-description, Winston assumes that OMB Watch is politically non-partisan. Any responsible person (or dog, as in Winston's case) would have to agree that the government should be accountable, that the public should participate in public policy decisions, and that the government should use fiscal and regulatory policy to serve the public interest. Winston also agrees that nonprofits can help the government function the way it should.

Consequently, Winston is pleased in principle that OMB Watch has begun a new "blog" focused on nonprofit issues. OMB Watch explains that this blog springs from its "nonprofit advocacy project." Winston is admittedly slow on the computer, but he has not found an explanation of this project. OMB Watch does have a brief description of its new Nonprofit Issues blog. According to OMB Watch, the "new blog will cover a wide range of nonprofit issues."

The entries on the blog do not include any stories about politically conservative non-profit issues. The blog entries do include several unfavorable stories about the Bush Administration. Based on OMB Watch's statement of its non-partisan goals and interests, Winston assumes that they just haven't found any good stories about issues of interest to politically conservative nonprofits.

Winston himself is not a political animal, but he has friends who are. Some of them work in politically conservative nonprofits. Winston will ask them if their nonprofits have issues they would like to see on the new OMB Watch blog. If so, then he will forward their issues to OMB Watch for posting and discussion. Winston is sure that OMB Watch will be happy to receive and post them. Winston will keep his readers informed about OMB Watch's response to the issues he sends them.

  • Click to read OMB Watch's Nonprofit Issues Blog.

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