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Good News
Winston is tired of reading and writing about bad news, so he is writing this column about good news, more specifically a source of good news: The Foresight Institute Nanotech Weekly News Digest.

The Digest is a free weekly email that summarizes significant developments in six areas of nanotechnology:

  • meeting global energy needs with clean solutions;

  • providing abundant clean water globally;

  • increasing the health and sensitivity of human life;

  • maximizing the productivity of agriculture;

  • making powerful information technology available everywhere; and

  • enabling the development of space.
The Foresight Institute, which publishes the Digest, says it selected these six areas because they are "critical challenges that humanity faces which can be addressed by nanotechnology." Winston is on the email list, and he has already learned something.

For example, Winston has learned from the Digest that recent nanotech developments could render solar power a significant and practical alternative energy source. A recent Digest email quotes a General Electric representatives on some of GE's work in this area:
    "The discovery of a photovoltaic effect in our nanotube device could lead to exciting breakthroughs in solar cells that make them more efficient and a more viable alternative in the mainstream energy market," said Margaret Blohm, GE's advanced technology leader for nanotechnology. "GE's success in developing the 'perfect' carbon nanotube device has not only ushered in a new era in electronics, it has potentially opened new doors in solar energy research."
Winston recommends the Digest as an easy and convenient way of keeping up with nanotech developments.
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