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EPA Leading the Pack on DQA Transparency
EPA has consistently been ahead of other agencies on a number of Data Quality Act issues. For example, EPA was one of the first (and few) agencies to post DQA Requests for Correction and agency responses to them online. Winston commends EPA for its latest advance: online posting of third-party comment on DQA disputes.

EPA's new third-party comment site explains:

    From time to time, EPA receives correspondence about a Request for Correction (RFC) or Request for Reconsideration (RFR) from other interested parties. We refer to this as third-party correspondence. To promote transparency regarding requests, EPA's policy is to post such third-party correspondence.
EPA then explains how the public can post their comments on the site. It is a quick, easy process.

Regardless of how one feels about particular DQA disputes with EPA, the Agency is well ahead of other agencies in making those disputes transparent to the public. All agencies should follow EPA's lead and post online all DQA Requests for Correction that they receive, all their responses to those Requests, and all third party comment on the Requests or Responses.
  • Click here for EPA third-party comment site


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