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Has NRDC Gone Neocon?
Winston isn't saying that NRDC is becoming hawkish, but that is impression that their supporters may get when looking at the list of luminaries that compose the Set America Free Coalition, an energy security watchdog. The Coalition "brings together prominent individuals and non-profit organizations concerned about the security and economic implications of America's growing dependence on foreign oil."

The prominent people and organizations listed on the Coalition's website include the Natural Resources Defense Council, a former California Secretary for Environmental Protection and various environmental and energy NGOs including the Apollo Alliance, which has been endorsed by Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and various labor unions.

The Coalition's distinguished personages also include other important "Formers," such as a former head of the CIA and a former National Security Advisor who received a complete and unconditional Presidential pardon for his role in Iran-Contra.

Winston isn't claiming that Set America Free are hawkish neocons, but the list of news articles included on the Coalition's website include stories with titles such as "Neocons for Conservation?," "As Green as a Neocon," and "Our war with Iran."

Any group that can bring together NRDC with the former leader of the Family Research Council has something going for it. Winston just isn't sure what. While Winston is deeply impressed with the Set America Free's commitment to fighting terrorism, he does wonder if the environmentalists realize that their watchdogs have traded in their teeth for a beak and talons.
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