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  • December 2013

  • NANO Strategic Plan 2013-2016

    EPA Seeks Comment on Proposed Clean Air Act Standards for Petroleum Refineries

    ACUS Adopts Recommendations and Statement Regarding Administrative Practice and Procedure

    FDIC Publishes Final Stress Test Guidelines

    EPA Seeks Comment on Draft Environmental Guidelines for Federal Procurement

  • November 2013

  • President Issues Executive Order on Climate Change

    EPA Seeks Comment on Draft Climate Change Adaptation Implementation Plans

  • October 2013

  • Treasury Issues Final Guidance on Annual Stress Test Scenarios

    OMB and CMS Seek Comment on ObamaCare ICR

    Final Rule Revises Risk-Based and Leverage Capital Requirements

    OSTP Requests Information on Nano-Sensors Initiative

  • September 2013

  • CMS Proposes ACA Basic Health Rules

    CBO Issues Alarming Report on Federal Deficit

    FDA Seeks Comment on Bioanalytical Method Validation Guidance

    EPA Proposes Revised Water Quality Rule

    EPA Requires Internet Reporting of TRI Forms

  • August 2013

  • GAO Seeks Comment on Proposed Changes to Green Book

    DOE Extends Comment Period for Proposed EPCA Coverage of Computer Servers

    EPA Phases in Oil & Gas NSPS

    Federal Reserve, FDIC and OCC Seek Comment on DFA Guidance

  • July 2013

  • NIEHS/NTP Seeks Thousands of Genes for New Screening Program

    Federal Agencies Publish Regulatory Agendas

    More Reliable and Complete Information Needed Before GAO Can Address Federal Management and Fiscal Challenges

    EPA Publishes Final NPDES Permit Rules for Pesticides

  • June 2013

  • EPA Amends Air Rules for Petroleum Refineries

    FDIC Publishes Crucial Dodd-Frank Definition

    Interior Extends Comment Period on Revised Fracking Rules

    OMB Requires More Discretionary Budget Cuts for 2015

  • May 2013

  • BLM Seeks Comment on Revised Fracking Rule

    ACUS Holds Public Meeting

  • April 2013

  • U.S. Responds to Comments on Penguin E-Book Antitrust Settlement

    EPA Seeks Comment on Greenhouse Gas Data and Analyses

    EPA Seeks Comments on Litigation-Driven Changes to Construction and Development Water Rules

  • March 2013

  • Treasury Proposes Changes to Community Reinvestment Q & A

    GAO Criticizes IRS' Information Security

    SEC Seeks Comments on Standards of Conduct for Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers

    FDA Proposes Changes in Foreign Clinical Studies Rules

  • February 2013

  • EPA Requests Comment on Its Climate Change Plan

    Proposed Rules Amend Regulation Z

  • January 2013

  • CRE Files Comments on CWA Jurisdiction Guidance

    EPA Extends Comment Period on Draft Data Quality Documents

    Regulatory Information Service Center Seeks Comment on Unified Agenda

    Agencies Publish Semiannual Regulatory Agendas

    FDA Seeks Comment on Draft Guidance for Providing Regulatory Submissions in Electronic Format

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