USCIS backlog

Part of the problem is that USCIS is woefully understaffed on EB-5. 90 of 247 FTEs are vacant
Please see recent Ombudsman report

USCIS Release of EB-5 Data

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 Bisnow reports:

What is the cost of the EB-5 rule proposed by USCIS?

Much to its credit, DHS has stated candidly that it has little information regarding the cost of its proposed EB-5 rulemaking. The problem is that current regulatory policy as set forth in a number of Executive Orders requires that the costs of a proposed rule be disclosed to the public.

Left to its own USCIS could come up with a back of the envelope estimate which bears little resemblance to reality. It  is for this reason that Center for Regulatory Effectiveness, CRE, is asking stakeholders to furnish it with any information, however tentative, they might have on this subject, please post the said information  in the “Submit a Post” to the right of this post or send it to:; alternatively you may make a comment below.