Online Ambiguities?

I just had a patient buy hearing aids online and turns out they had an acoustic neuroma and almost died. What is the government doing allowing a bill like this exist?

Editor’s Note: The above is reproduced from a submission to  This post could have been expanded by adding more detail such as  how common are such events, what effects lead the patient to seek medical attention and was the online product accompanied by any medical consultation?  On another matter, we would appreciate receiving the link to any post on which contains a technical  analysis in support of the 120 dB output standard recommended by the FDA; we may be contacted by using the “Contact” mechanism on this webpage.

Lastly it is one thing to submit articles to where it is one of nearly a thousand posts but it is a very different experience to have your submission published on this website for public comment; thus the reason for our requesting that articles posted herein be accompanied by technical analyses which support their underlying point. Consequently feel free to send us your recommendations on particular posts that should be vented herein.


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