Washington Post Article On Stranding Of Whales In Madagascar Is Based Upon A Report Which Violates The Data Quality Act


The October 7 Edition of the Washington Post has an article which states:” Scientists link sonar mapping to ’08 whale stranding”.

The Post article  is based upon the report of a panel (ISRP) established by the International Whaling Commission which  fails to incorporate the views of all  the experts who advised the panel. In fact, when the totality of the record is examined the “Panel Report” is in violation of the Data[ aka Information] Quality Act.

CRE compliments the Washington Post for presenting the views of all parties which unfortunately was not the case with either the  ISRP or the foreign press.

Federal agencies are prohibited by existing law to use any information which is not compliant with the Data Quality Act.

See the entire analysis  Washington Post Madagascar #2 (f 4)

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