WCA Workshops

The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) Workshops will be held on Monday 16 March – Tuesday 17 March 2015, in Brighton, UK, (immediately following WhaleFest 2015).

“The WCA Workshops: Four Global Programs to Protect Cetaceans”, will see cetacean experts and advocates from across the world gather to discuss and plan strategies for protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises through the WCA Partnership. Implementation of these Global Programs will be the top priority for the World Cetacean Alliance during 2015/16 and beyond.

The Workshop organizers seek input from experts and the public, scientists and other stakeholders with an interest or expertise in any of the following four program areas: 1) Responsible whale and dolphin watching; 2) Ghost nets and entanglement; 3) Cetacean captivity; and 4) Threatened species.

The WCA Workshops are free to WCA Partners. If you are not already a Partner of the WCA you need to join the WCA to attend the workshops. Anybody can join as an Individual Partner.

For more information on joining fees and becoming a Partner of the World Cetacean Alliance click here.

You can also register as a Partner and book your Workshop tickets here.

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