Another Baby Killer Whale!

There’s more good new on Pacific Northwest Southern Resident Killer Whale front.  An eighth baby has been born. A press release from the Center for Whale research explains:

“Mother is J28, a twenty-two year old female Southern Resident Killer Whale in the Pacific Northwest.

The mother had a previous baby designated J46, a female, born in 2009 and still surviving. This brings the known births of Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) to EIGHT since last December, and the total population of SRKW’s as of now to 84 known individuals. 1977 is the only previous year in the past forty years in which as many baby killer whales were born into this community of whales, and there were nine in that year. From calculations accounting for all reproductive age females, we estimate that typically up to nine babies could be produced each year, but there is usually a high rate of neonatal and perinatal mortality, and we have seen only three babies annually on average. In the years immediately following poor salmon years, we see fewer babies and higher mortality of all age cohorts.”

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