EDITOR’S NOTE: ISO 8000 is not directly applicable to Data Quality and Peer Review standards for the  assessment and regulation of marine sound.  However, we think that the ISO 8000 Standards indicate the potential value of uniform ISO quality standards in many areas.  We further think that marine sound assessment and regulation would benefit from rational, effective, transparent and reproducible ISO standards that are science and evidence based.

Source:  MIT Information Quality Industry Symposium, July 15-17, 2009

Leaders of the NATO committee on codification coined the phrase “data is the DNA of logistics”
but we know that it is much more than that. We are a data dependent society, every event, every
individual, every organization, all locations, goods and services are represented by data. Beyond
the accuracy of the data and its ability to accurately represent reality, data has its own history and
intrinsic qualities that make it portable from one application to another and allow it to be safely
preserved as it moves over time from one electronic media to another.


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