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About WatchDog Watch

To better inform its readers as to significant organizations influencing rulemakings, CRE has established a list of regulatory watchdog websites. We define a regulatory watchdog as an organization whose primary activity is to either participate directly in a wide range of regulatory proceedings or, through their website, to significantly influence the participation of other persons in such rulemakings. To qualify for CRE's listing, in general, the fundamental theshhold a website must meet is that it have traffic in the top one-half of one percent of all websites. Additional sites, in another section, are also included because they have a major impact on the federal regulatory process. Inclusion on CRE's list of Regulatory Watchdogs does not necessarily indicate endorsement or support of their positions.

Since these watchdog organizations play such an important role, CRE is starting "Watchdog Watch" This new feature will provide analyses of statements made by these groups on their websites.

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