Note to Federal Regulators: Expository Submissions on OTC Hearing Aids

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Completed Peer Review Submissions has upwards to one thousand comments on the OTC NPRM.  CRE and its readers have identified a select number of submissions which make a cogent statement of policy and/or contain well documented arguments. The following list “Completed Peer Review Submissions” is not intended to be all inclusive and will be augmented as stakeholders review the forthcoming  submissions to through January 18.2022.  Feel free to review CRE comments to the FDA on its NPRM.

Four Key Studies (CRE)

Village Movement of California

National Association  of  Attorney Generals

Hearing Care Industry Association: Australia

National Grange  

Hearing Care Associations: US

Members of Congress

National Consumers League



Samantha Sikorski

Kristen Deaton

Please submit your recommendations to CRE; please appreciate our need to be extremely selective given that there is a pool of more than a 1,000 comments.

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Recommended for Peer Review

Consumer Technology Association

Bose Corporation

Senators Warren and Grassley

See Query 1 below

Please submit your recommendations to CRE.


Peer Reviews Conducted by the Public

See Query 2 Below

Please submit your findings to CRE.



(1) What are your views on the public identifying submissions whose underlying analysis is a candidate for review by a third party, in particular when they are judged by the principles set forth in the Information Quality Act?

(2) What are your views on the public reviewing any of the nearly one thousand submissions and posting their analyses on this page?

We may be contacted by using the “Contact” mechanism in the heading above this post.


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