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Ed White Response to Christina Marrs

I just read Ms. Mars comments.

Besides being silly, they included gross inaccuracies.

For example -

Ms Mars says -"SUVs by law can emit 30% more carbon dioxide and 75% more nitrogen oxides per gallon of fuel burned than other passenger vehicles."

This is ridiculous. The part about nitrogen oxides CAN be true but the part about 30% more carbon dioxide per gallon of fuel is hogwash. A gallon of fuel only includes a certain amount of carbon, which can only produce a certain amount of CO2. Whether the gallon of gas is burned in an SUV or a passenger car doesn't matter. Please check with a chemist (even an EPA chemist) for confirmation.

The next statement in Ms. Mars comments is equally bogus. She says - "So even though your fuel efficiency is as high as some larger passenger cars, you are still producing much more carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides than you would in a car classified as a passenger vehicle."

"Can" is not the same as "does". Actually an Expedition emits nitrogen oxides at a lower rate than permitted for passenger cars.

Many of the personal attacks Ms. Mars quotes in her attacks on SUV drivers in general (" Above all, they are apt to be self-centered and self-absorbed") apply equally to drivers of over priced German and Japanese Luxury cars and to people who ride in Limos to anti-SUV protests.

I doubt you will publish my letter, but at least fix the mis-statements in Ms. Mars original response. They may be honest errors, but they smack of lies.


Ed White

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