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Impacting Physics
The great weight debate continues. Brandon Whitelaw continues his debate with Brendan Miller over the role vehicle weight plays in enhancing safety in collisions. Mr. Whitelaw explains that the design and safety of Indy race cars has little relevance to SUVs. Instead, Mr. Whiitelaw argues that, given the same safety technology, SUVs benefit in a crash from being bigger and heavier.

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  • Now With More Facts Than Ever: Christina Marrs Responds to Gregory Hudgins and Ed White
    Christina Marrs, a member of both the Grassroots Network and the acclaimed music ensemble, The Asylum Street Spankers, provides an extensive and reasoned response to criticism of her previous discussion of SUVs. Ms. Marrs' detailed commentary discusses environmental, safety, fuel economy and sociological issues associated with sport utility vehicles. To ensure that Federal officials consider all substantive viewpoints as they deliberate CAFE Reform proposals, FuelEconomyIn.US will include the complete text of the Marrs-Hudgin/White debate as part of our response to NHTSA's Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on reforming CAFE.

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  • A Grassroots Response to Brandon Whitelaw On A Weighty Matter
    Brendan Miller, a new Grassroots Network a member, offers a thoughtful response to provocative comments by Brandon Whitelaw concerning SUVs, safety, and other issues. Although recognizing the logic of part of Brandon's argument, Mr. Miller's contention is that weight has little to do with vehicle safety. He cites the experience of race car drivers who survive high speed crashes without serious injury. Based on the comments received, it is clear that vehicle safety is a complex issue and that high performance vehicles can achieve high levels of safety.

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  • FuelEconomyIn.US Launches Stakeholder Dialog with NHTSA
    FuelEconomyIn.US is initiating a substantive dialog between our Grassroot Network members and NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). We are asking our members to write us discussing the questions, comments and issues you want to raise with NHTSA regarding SUVs, pickup trucks, and minivans. We will provide the letters to federal officials and report back to you with their responses as well as our own analysis. We will also be making space available on our FuelEconomyIn.US for important safety messages from NHTSA.

    To encourage substantive discourse, $50 Amazon gift certificates will be awarded to the writers of the twenty best letters. You must be a registered member of our Grassroots Network to participate. All letters should be e-mailed to comments@FuelEconomyIn.US.

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  • A Grassroots Response to Gregory Hudgins
    Christina Marrs, a Texas-based member of the Grassroots Network, provides a thoughtful and detailed rebuttal to Gregory Hudgins' defense of SUVs. In a point-by-point analysis addressed to Mr. Hudgins, Ms. Marrs discusses the environmental and safety drawbacks associated with SUVs. The letters by Ms. Marrs and Mr. Hudgins combine to provide the public with a superb overview of both sides of the SUV debate. Policy officials and other stakeholders should consider the Hudgins & Marrs letters as required reading.
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  • Safety, the Environment and the Future of SUV Regulation
    Theresa Sickmiller, a Grassroots Network member from California, provides us her provocative views on a range of SUV-related issues. Of particular note, Theresa provides her thoughts on how SUVs should be regulated.

    A Grassroots Network Member Discusses Safety
    The article talking about SUV's being safer is so biased and wrong I don't even know where to start. The agenda of this website has become very clear. Please read the current copy of Consumer Reports, or any other nonbiased article about vehicle safety. SUV's ARE the reason that the small cars are threatened. Think about it. If everyone drove normal sized cars they would be safe: they wouldn't have to worry about some oversized beast running them over. And, doesn't anyone realize how unstable tall vehicles are? They tip over! And remember the Ford's tires blowing up? They're too heavy! And people drive them more aggressively since they feel invincible in them. Cars are safer now than 50 years ago, not because they are bigger but because of seatbelts and airbags and other safety regulations that the car companies originally fought just like they are fighting any regulations on SUV's! The unwillingness to look at facts and history is amazing. But probably necessary to justify an SUV purchase. Please, people, think about what you are doing and research your vehicles. Do it for your children and grandchildren if for no one else. They deserve some clean air and water left, don't they?

    Theresa Sickmiller

    A Grassroots Network Member Protects His Children and Responds to Anti-SUV Voices
    In one of the most insightful and substantive critiques of the SUV debate written to date, Gregory Hudgins, a California-based member of the FuelEconomyIn.US Grassroots Network, discusses the importance of safe transportation for his family. He also refutes published allegations regarding poor SUV fuel economy and explains how he achieves surprisingly good mileage through proper maintenance and moderate driving. In addition to responding to anti-SUV critics, Gregory places concerns regarding SUV mileage in context and opens a broader debate on fuel economy.
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    SUVs and Terrorism
    Brandon Whitelaw, a Nevada-based member of the FuelEconomyIn.US Grassroots Network, provides his views on SUVs, safety, the US economy and terrorism:

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