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The Washington Post and New York Times on Data Quality
Definitive Data Quality Articles

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Chris Mooney is Persuasive

The know-nothings: Pro-business Republicans and the religious right have joined in a frighteningly successful campaign to undermine the findings of science

United States Data Quality Act

Medical Marijuana: Widespread use of Tozzi's legislation would bring down the govern...wait...

Barton Begins Reviewing Agency Implementation of Data Quality Act

Is Public Health Science Being Derailed In The Legal And Regulatory Arenas?

The Nationalization of Basic Science

Activist Enlists Ally in Bid to Legalize Pot

Strange Bedfellows

Public Health Journal Probes Suppression Of Science Info

The Know-Nothings

A Daubert Motion: A Legal Strategy to Exclude Essential Scientific Evidence in Toxic Tort Litigation

Manufacturing Uncertainty: Contested Science and the Protection of the Public’s Health and Environment

The Perils of Relying on Interested Parties to Evaluate Scientific Quality

Book Review: 'The Republican War on Science,' by Chris Mooney - New York Times

Ending government regulation by manufacturing doubt - Part 2

An Update on the Implementation of the Data Quality Act: The Cost of Sound Science

The Republican War on Science

Commodity Trading System

United States Data Quality Act

Salt Sensibility: Vioxx Lessons For Salt Controversy

Junking Science

Political Science

OMB Downplays Impact Of Data Quality Act On Federal Agencies

The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness Invokes the Data Quality Act to Reject Published Studies on Atrazine Toxicity

New Data Quality Suit Could Force EPA To Act On Delayed Petitions

Malignant design

Response to Scourge

Daniel S. Greenberg on The Republican War on Science

Corporate Science Politicization

Sounds Like Science, But ...

Nuclear Power Plants Related Information

Science Experiment: Industries Are Using a Landmark Case and a 2001 Law to Block Regulation, Critics Say

Fighting the Republican War on Science: A Question of Balance

Studies Show GM Crops Safe

Industry Derails Labor Safety Rule with Data Quality Challenge

A Sober Look at the Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005

Fighting the Republican War on Science: A Question of Balance

Congress: Thumbs-Up To Extinction

Trashing Science

Junking Science

Excerpt: Beat Back Science Abuse!

US Hate Crime Bill Passes

House passes new Endangered Species Act

Conservative Clowning

Industry Group Issues Proposal To Sue Agencies Under Paperwork Act

National Agricultural Statistics Service Implements First Steps, but Documentation of Census of Agriculture Could Be Improved

Trashing Science

The Scientific American On Data Quality

Sound Science and the Data Quality Act

The Federal Information Triangle: Sustaining Actions

Lowering Gov't Regulation by Raising Doubt

Sexual Health Advocate: Abstinence Ed Proponents Should Strike Back Against Attacker

A Skirmish In The War On Science

Right-Wing Groups Challenge Link Between Carcinogens, Cancer

Federal Policy On Perchlorate Evolves

Misuse(s) of the Information Quality Act

Matthew J. Thomas: New England Fishermen Out Of The Loop

NGOs' Uses of the DQA

The know-nothings

A Conservative Embrace of the Fringe

Information Quality Act Appeal Tries to Put Naphthalene in Moth Balls

Groups challenge abstinence curriculum

Information Quality and the Law, or, How to Catch a Difficult Horse

National Coalition on Ergonomics: Still Crazy After All These Years

A little truth, please!

Who Ate The Homework?

Abstinence Challenge Questioned

Lowering Gov't Regulation by Raising Doubt (2)

Two Views on Data Amendments

How to legalize doublespeak, step # whatever

Ending Government Regulation by Manufacturing Doubt

NHTSA Warns it Can't Use Public Comment That Doesn't Meet DQA Standards

EPA Carcinogenicity Determinations

"Good Science" and the Data Quality Act.

Statement Before FDA Advisory Committee On Bextra, Celebrex & Vioxx Side Effects

Accounting For Science: The Independence Of Public Research In The New, Subterranean Administrative Law

The Nationalization of Basic Science

[Federal government] OMB asserts control over all Federal web content

ACSH Asks EPA to Limit Reliance on Animal Testing in Identifying Carcinogens

Civil Defense Perspectives

The Long Standing Fault Line

Is More Access To Science Information The Answer?

Industry Groups Ruining Science

To Grill or Not to Grill?

Why Won't the CDC Allow Access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink?

Strange Bedfellows

Unprecedented industry-backed laws limit public safety, study shows

Group Files Data Quality Act Complaint Against FCC

They're hoping we all die before they have to answer

Industry Misuses Data Quality Act to Challenge EPA Choices

NPR Manufacturing Science

The Case Against the IQA

Science Under Siege

Group Claims US Inflating Broadband Growth Figures

Thumb War

Industry Lobbyist Blows Smoke For Medical Marijuana Advocates

Stakeholders Weight In At First-Ever Congressional Hearings on Data Quality Act

Legislating "Sound Science": The Role of the Tobacco Industry

House Holds Hearings on Information Quality Act

Unprecedented industry-backed laws limit public safety, study shows, USA

Industry, Key Republican Suspend Push For Expanded Data Quality Act

Activist Enlists Unlikely Ally in Bid to Legalize Pot

Pombo Bill Applies DQA Standards to ESA Scientific Data Standard

Voting System Security: Federal Request for Comments

American Physical Society "April Meeting": Scientific Integrity in Government

How Reliable are Chemical Property Data in the Literature?

Biologist Rehired by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Information Quality Act Challenges to Flawed Use of Science

The "Bad Science" Fiction

Data Quality Act Incorporated Into Proposed Legislation

Industry Pushes White House To Allow Judicial Review Under Data Act

ACLU Science Under Siege

Environmental group says Roan EIS is flawed

Environmental Groups File DQA Petitions

Groups want update on Road drilling estimates

EPA’s physical–chemical data criticized

Joint Meeting Of The Arthritis Advisory Committee And The Drug Safety And Risk Management Advisory Committee

An Update on the Implementation of the Data Quality Act: The Cost of Sound Science

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest “Web-log”

Anti-Ergo Coalition Goes Off Deep End

Lawmakers' Help for Drug Firm Tests Limits

Marijuana Becomes Focus of Drug War

OSHA: 'We're doing stuff, honest!'

Doubt production: a growth industry

Industry groups ruining science

Mercury, Autism and the Data Quality Act

Endangered Species Data Quality Act of 2004

FDA was pressured on Bayer antibiotic ban

"Hungry? Eat an Environmentalist": From Earth Day to Regulatory Reform, 1970-1980

State of Rulemaking In Federal Government

Barton Begins Reviewing Agency Implementation of Data Quality Act

Environmentalists use Data Quality Act, Again

Obscure Law a Powerful Weapon Against Environment

Law Student Voices Disagreement With Professor

The Institutionalization of Regulatory Review: Organizational Stability and Responsive Competence at OIRA

OMB Puts Children's Health at Risk with Data Quality Act

New EPA Guidelines on Cancer and Children

New EPA Cancer Guidelines Incorporate Data Quality Act

The Information Quality Act: How a Sunshine Statute Brought a Perfect Storm

White House Weakens EPA Cancer Safeguards to Protect Chemical Industry Instead of Children

County Commissioners Plan Data Quality Act Petition

NGO's Use The Data Quality Act

Agency Admits Panther Whistleblower Was Right

Agency: Data on Endangered Panthers Flawed

FWS Will Correct Faulty Documents in Response to Data Quality Appeal

EPA Developing Internal Reviews To Ensure Policies Meet Data Act

Politicizing Science? Washington Post on Data Quality Act

Walters At His Most Offensive

Truth and Science Betrayed: The Case Against The Information Quality Act

We Need An Amendment Banning Hermaphrodite Frogs

Agency Circumvention of the Data Quality Act

Bill Proposes Taking Peer Review Away from OMB

The Impact of the Data Quality Act on Advisory Committees

Salt Sellers Challenge US Health Agency Using Data-Quality Act

Republican Policy Committee Attempts to Bolster Data Quality Act

Government-Wide List of Data Quality Petitions

Industry Challenge Prompts Removal of EPA Database

The Data Quality Act: History and Purpose

Industry Could Face Tough Precedent In Appeal Of Data Quality Case

Congress Reviewing Agency Implementation Of The Data Quality Act

Warning Auto Mechanics about Asbestos Hazards

Mitsubishi: Out Front in Nanotech