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The Washington Post and New York Times on Data Quality
Definitive Data Quality Articles

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Wielding obscure federal data quality law, group challenges Trump Treasury tax cut claims


City of Sugar Land opposes FEMA Risk Rating 2.0

EPA Signals More Stringent Regulation for Steam Electric Power Generators

Regulatory Affairs Veteran Shares Insights on TrumpÕs Cutbacks and What Lies Ahead for Biden

White House races to wrap up rules before Trump exits

A Statutory Revision of the Information Quality Act: A Bedrock Requirement for an Effective Artificial Intelligence Program

9/11 families, experts appeal federal agency decision on Building 7 report

World renowned turtle expert Dr. Donna Shaver turns Whistleblower in dispute with National Parks Service

EEOC To Analyze EEO-1 Component 2 Pay Data with Independent Assessment

Industry calls on US NTP to delay carcinogen listing of antimony trioxide

CRE’s Emphasis on Data Access and Data Quality is Rooted in the Paperwork Reduction Act Amendments of 1995

Data Quality Act

The Mysteries of the Data Quality Act Unveiled

Judicial Review of the Data Quality Act

Four Legal Actions Regarding Justiciability of the Data Quality Act

Greater Use of the Data Quality Act by NGOs

Border Control and the DQA

A Statutory Revision of the Information Quality Act: A Bedrock Requirement for an Effective Artificial Intelligence Program


NGOs seek retraction of US agencies' crumb rubber study

Republicans and Democrats Divided on Approach to Scientific Integrity at Federal Agencies

Group Asks NASA to Remove Dubious Climate Change Stat

Demand for Correction under Information Quality Act: "EPA's Seven Year Quest for Columbia's Raw Data"

A Federal Judge Declares that Watchdog Organizations Have No Right To Demand That Federal Agencies Disseminate Accurate Information

Uprooting the EPA's climate fraud

CEI Petitions EPA to Correct 2009 Endangerment Finding

White House Uses Discredited Complaints Tactic against Social Media Companies

White House memo threatens EPA climate finding

White House Memo May Threaten EPA Climate Finding, Analysts Say

U.S. rejects interference by non-Arctic countries in polar region: official

White House Moves to Strengthen Information Quality Act

White House's Push for More Oversight of Agency Data Has Some Scientists Concerned

Four New (Old) Ways the White House is Trying to Restrict Science for Policymaking

White House cracks down on agency use of science

FORUM2: No: His climate commission is pro-science

CBP hopes new bonuses will convince Border Patrol agents to stick around

Droegemeier to Deliver Keynote at AAAS Policy Forum

Modest Actions Add Up To Balanced Week

Trump’s Acts Show the Urgent Need to Curb the Imperial Presidency

The Trump Administration's Statistical Malpractice On The Census

The National Employment Law Project

Complaint Against USDOL for Violating Information Quality Act in Proposed Rule to Roll Back Child Labor Protections - National Employment Law Project

Advocacy Groups Say Proposed Rule On Teen Workers Violates Information Quality Act

When The Trump Administration Lies, It Might Literally Be Illegal: Learn About The Information Quality Act

Our Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration Revealed How It Lies About Terrorism

Case Closed: The Justice Department Won’t Stand Behind Its Report on Immigrants and Terrorism

Justice Dept. admits error but won’t correct report linking terrorism to immigration

DOJ Admits Errors in Report Linking Immigration, Terrorism

Climate Change impacts on the northeastern US

Information Quaility Act Request for Correction or Withdrawl Regarding the Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment

CEI Challenges Federal Rejection of Alaska's Pebble Mine

Medline Calls For National Academy Of Sciences Review

American Kratom Association Petitions Ohio State Board of Pharmacy To Rescind Recommendation To Schedule Kratom

Trump has misled the public on terrorism. Time to correct the record

Betsy DeVos Intentionally Misrepresents Findings So Students Will Lose Protections

Rigorous Inquiry and Ruffled Feathers

Document: Government Need Not Disclose Syria Airstrike Justification, Judge Rules

Trump Administration Kicks Off Next Round of Higher Ed Rulemaking

The Increasingly Greater Use of the Data Quality Act by NGO’s

Tech Companies, GCs Await Vote on Net Neutrality Rollback

Revisiting the EPA Endangerment Finding

There's No Such Thing As 'Sound Science'

This Obscure Law Can Help Correct Misinformation In Trump's White House

Animal Identification: Feedback on Traceability Program Contested

The DEA Quietly Removes Cannabis Health Risks from Website

2016: Looking Back on a Busy Year

White House Must Give Think Tank Climate Docs

300 Scientists Request Explanation for Temperature Shenanigans

Stats Tampering Puts NOAA in Hot Water

300 Scientists Want NOAA To Follow Data Quality Act

Social Cost of Carbon 1

Social Cost of Carbon 2

Western States Coalition Disputes 'Biased' Federal Science On Sage Grouse

The Florida Bar Out-of-State Division State-to-State, Summer 2014

Judicial Review of the Data Quality Act

The EPA's Methane Madness

White House Keeping These Global Warming Documents out of the Sunlight

Libertarians Sue White House Over Climate Change Video

ITSSD Steps Up Battle Against GHG Endangerment Finding

Climate Change Chicanery And The Federal Agency-Academic Complex

IQA for CCS Relief

Coal Company CEO Threatens To Sue EPA For ‘Lying’ About Climate Change

See How The Obama Administration Could Be Hiding Its Use Of Bad Science

KOGAN & OTIS: Keeping junk science at bay on global warming

Dialysis Patient Citizens Responds To Launch Of Dialysis Facility Compare Star Rating System

Guest Post: Why Administrative Law Matters to Patent Attorneys—In re Cuozzo Speed Technologies LLC

A Second Look At EPA Findings

Challenging The Scientific Basis For Emissions Regulations

Put Teeth In Congressional Review

Guest Post: White House “Patent Troll” Report Challenged under the Federal Information Quality Act

Group Files Complaint Alleging USDA COOL Study Submitted To Congress Is Biases

A Regulatory Antidote for CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage)

Inconsistent Wait Time Data from DHS

Open Letter on PRMP/FEIS

CMS’s Clinical Quality Measures a Top Healthcare Priority

Doctor Loses Bid to Force Federal Prosecutors to Retract Press Release

County Will Join Lawsuit Against Fish & Wildlife Sage Grouse Data

Correcting Federal Databases: A Procedural Guide

Scientists Question Government’s Climate Data Quality

House Science Committee Demands That NOAA Widen Its Internal Search For Climate Change Emails

Obama Is All Veto, No Action On Regulatory Reform

Science Used to Make Policy Should Be Transparent and Thoroughly Vetted

Centurylink, Carriers Will File Motion To Strike Flawed Data Analysis From FCC Business Data Services Proposal

Americans for Safe Access Petition the DEA to Provide Accurate Information

Medical Marijuana Update

No More Fake News — Obama Should Require Truthful Data On Medical Marijuana

Over 70,000 Demand DEA Stop Disseminating False Information About Medical Marijuana

Denka says EPA estimates for chloroprene risk in St. John the Baptist Parish are too high; agency says science is sound

R-CALF USA accuses USDA of falsifying outcome of Animal ID meetings

R-CALF: APHIS claim of consensus on animal ID a sham

Coyotes in Pennsylvania: What's the latest information and research?

How Much Of ‘Science Controversies’ Are Actually About Science?

DEA’s Internal Review Results In Removal Of Cannabis Misinformation

Scientific Collections in Jeopardy at Geological Survey

Is Bad Science Brewing With Your Coffee?

Gold Into Dross: Unscientific Shortcomings

NASA's Rubber Ruler: An Update

Coyotes in Pennsylvania: What's the latest information and research?

EPA refuses to reclassify chloroprene, now deemed a 'likely carcinogen,' despite St. John company's request

Democracy Forward/ Immigration

Democracy Forward/Tax

NGOs’ Increasing Use of the Data Quality Act, by Jim Tozzi

Cities and States Mount Court Challenge to Census Question on Citizenship

San Francisco joins suit to fight Trump administration over census citizenship question

Muslim Advocates Challenge ‘Misleading’ Terror Threat Report

Trump Officials Twisted Data About Terrorists, Lawsuit Claims

Terrorism Report Trump Touted ‘Misleadingly Inflates’ Muslim Threat to U.S., Lawsuit Alleges

Groups sue Trump administration over terrorism report

Scott Pruitt’s Effort to Expose ‘Secret Science’ Has Environmentalists Scared Stiff

Groups Attempt to Block Damning US Gov’t Terror Report

First Federal Reg Czar Opposes EPA 'Secret Science' Plan

US Report on ‘Terrorist Entry’ Called Out as Highly Flawed

DOJ, DHS Sued Over Inaccurate 'Terrorist Entry' Report

DHS: Not Entitled to Its Own Facts

Beware: transparency rule is a Trojan Horse

Practitioner Insights: EPA’s Flawed ‘Secret Science’ Plan Puts Good Science at Risk

A Hollow Defense of Regulatory Science


CRE: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Position 1--Against Hospital Mergers; Position 2--For Hospital Mergers

CMS Applies Same-Sex Couple Policy To Exchanges, But Not Medicaid

White Hat Bias Documented in 3rd Data Quality Act Request for Correction Filed by

FTC Martin Gaynor is Advised That A Key Study on Hospital Mergers Is Inaccurate

PCTC Files 3rd Information Request

Of Mollusks and Men: The Wilderness Act and Drakes Bay Oyster Company

NHTSA admits 85% helmet effectiveness claim violates Data Quality Act

European Studies on Bees are not Compliant with the Data Quality Act

Request for Reconsideration of Information Quality Act Request for Correction Regarding Impacts of Biofuel Mandates on Global Hunger and Mortality

Drakes Bay: Integrity in Information Quality Complaints

Jaguars and junk science

Helmet safety claims overstated

Republican report: Critical Thinking on Climate Change

Data Quality is not an Act, it is a Habit

Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle, and Nonroad Technical Amendments

H.R. 2122, Regulatory Accountability Act of 2013

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE) Files Amicus Curiae Brief

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE) Files Amicus Curiae Brief


DQA Atrazine

DQA Buffalo

NASA GISS caught changing past data again – violates Data Quality Act

911 Directed Energy, NIST Data Quality Act - Jerry Leaphart.mp4

DQA Articles

Study Shows Fracking Emissions Lower than EPA Estimates

Northern Dynasty Comments at Public Hearings on the EPA's Draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment Report

CRE Briefs NAS/NRC Review Committee on Data Quality Standards

Senators Seek Review Of Inspector's Work On Drilling Report

Atrazine and the Roots of ALEC's State Data Quality Act

Sometimes Data Quality is the Law

Styrene Makers Fight Carcinogen Ruling

AHRC project Understanding Information Quality Standards and their Challenges (2011-2013)

House Republicans subpoena documents about Obama administration's deep-water moratorium

Regulation Creates Jobs?


Ravalli County commissioner to speak at wolf coordination meeting

Industry Signals Data Law Attack On EPA Air Rules Over Formaldehyde Risks

Vitter Calls on White House to Account for “Scientific Misconduct” in Federal Agencies

Request for Correction 40 CFR §302, Designation, Reportable Quantities, and Notification

Public Interest Groups Challenge Misleading Government Information Used to Justify Ethanol Mandates and Subsidies

EPA Biofuel Mandates Intensify World Hunger

House subcommittee holds hearing on environmental regulation and its impact on the economy

Daily Caller on DQA Peer Review

The EPA's Endangerment Finding Is Very Endangered

EPA’s Internal Watchdog Says EPA’s Climate Change Science Is Sloppy


Happy Birthday Wishes to the Data Quality Act

New Senate Bill Would Ensure Quality Control In Climate Data

Groups sue to block CSA 2010

Conservative leaders attack Browner, Administration and Upton on climate science and clean energy

Editorial: Drilling Moratorium Lives

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness on FDA's Public Participation Program: Forcing the Public to Review Discredited Studies

National Cattlemens Beef Association States Serious Concerns in Comments Submitted to USDA on GIPSA Rule

How Effective are Pre-Appeal Brief Conferences?

A Combustible Mix For White House: Gulf Oil Spill And Politics

Edit Made Error In Drilling-Freeze Memo

All 2010 articles


The Great Cranberry Scare of 1959

DOT requires third party data to meet DQA guidelines

Holmes Crossing RFR Response

Complaint About Information Quality

Usability and Accessibility Expert Review for the CSPI Process Asset Library (PAL) Internal Web site

Small Businesses Have a Champion on First Coast

Understanding the Role of Science in Regulation

Controversial EPA Ruling Linked to 'Climategate' E-mails

Do humans influence temperature records?

Independent Panel Supports Fish Agency Science

All 2009 articles


Bleep the science! What about the law?

Change for America on Science and Tech Policy, Part 4: The Office of Science and Technology Policy

Travel Management Directives; Forest Service Manual 2350, 7700, and 7710 and Forest Service Handbook 7709.55

The Greatest Cause?

What really ticks me off about the McCain/Palin health plan

Drug czar attacks!

“Doubt Is Their Product”, the One Book To Read If You Want To Understand the Fight

Are McCain/Palin hazardous to your health? Oh, Yeah!

ISO-8000 Data Quality - something climate science could benefit from

Republican War on Science

All 2008 articles


Consumer groups lodge complaint about FCC studies

Son of Shelby

DQA at the FCC

Florida Panther Information

Everybody wants to get into the [Data Quality] Act II

Medical marijuana group moves to hasten outcome in federal lawsuit

WHO fails to use quality evidence in recommendations

Former Nixon/Reagan administration official tells FCC to deep-six Localism Study once more

Turning the Tables with Mary Jane

Should Government be forced to tell the truth?

All 2007 articles


Information Quality Act: Expanded Oversight and Clearer Guidance by the Office of Management and Budget Could Improve Agencies' Implementation of the Act, GAO-06-765

The Government Pseudoscience Jig is Up - Data Quality Act E-Rulemaking and Data Quality

ViroPharma Pursues Citizen Petition to Block FDA Approval of Generic Vancomycin

'A Regulation on Regulations'

Nanotechnology: Data Quality Act Strikes Again

Protecting Special Interests in the Name of "Good Science"

Business Thinks Data Rule Isn't Worth Its Salt

All 2006 articles


Corporate Science Politicization

Science Experiment: Industries Are Using a Landmark Case and a 2001 Law to Block Regulation, Critics Say

Misuse(s) of the Information Quality Act

Accounting For Science: The Independence Of Public Research In The New, Subterranean Administrative Law

Industry Lobbyist Blows Smoke For Medical Marijuana Advocates

"Hungry? Eat an Environmentalist": From Earth Day to Regulatory Reform, 1970-1980

NGO's Use The Data Quality Act

Agency Admits Panther Whistleblower Was Right

All 2005 articles


Former EPA General Counsel Recommends Data Quality Reforms

Is Environmental Data the Missing Link?

Save the Endangered Species Act


U.S. District Court Rules HHS Data Quality Petition Denial is Not Judicially Reviewable

Regulations law wouldn’t apply to NOAA under Senate measure

The Neutered CRS Report On The Data Quality Act

Paralysis by Analysis: Jim Tozzi's regulation to end all regulation.

'Data Quality' Law Is Nemesis Of Regulation

All 2004 articles

2003 - 1997

Information Quality and the Law, or, How to Catch a Difficult Horse

Read CRE's Legislative Working Papers on Data Access and Data Quality

House Initiates Action on Data Quality
Based upon the recommendations of CRE, the House incorporated a Data Quality provision in the report accompanying the FY 1999 Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act (H.R. 4104) that urged OMB to develop policy and procedural guidance to federal agencies in order to ensure and maximize the "quality," "objectivity," "utility," and "integrity" of information which the federal government disseminates to the pubic. The Senate followed the House's lead, and relevant language was included in the conference report to Pub. Law No. 105-277. The House later included nearly identical mandatory language in the FY 2001 Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act (H.R. 5658) which statutorily directs OMB to issue guidelines for Data Quality, and this provision has been incorporated into the FY 2001 Consolidated Appropriations Act (H.R. 4577). CRE anticipates passage of this important provision that will set government-wide standards for information quality, including opportunity to petition agencies for correction of information that does not meet such standards.

  • Click here to read more, including the Data Quality language from the FY 1999 House bill and Conference Report, the FY 2001 House bill and Conference Report, as well as CRE's Legislative Working Papers on Data Access and Data Quality.

    President Signs Data Quality Legislation (Federal Data Quality Act (FDQA)) (Public Law 106-554 Section 515)
    The Congress has passed and the President has signed important new Data Quality legislation as part of the FY 2001 Consolidated Appropriations Act (Public Law 106-554). Building upon the Data Quality report language contained in the FY 1999 Omnibus Appropriations Act (P.L. 105-277), this new provision requires OMB to develop government-wide standards for the quality of information used and disseminated by the federal government, with such standards to be completed not later than September 30, 2001. OMB must also include a mechanism through which the interested public can petition agencies to correct information which does not meet the OMB standard. Congress has provided for broad input in developing the Data Quality standard, mandating that OMB shall seek "public and Federal agency involvement."
  • Click to read more, including the Statutory Language for Data Quality and Past Report Language

  • Data Quality: Partners of Washington, D.C. Law Firm Author Article on Impacts of Tozzi v. DHHS Case: CRE Sees Major Implications for Data Quality Act
    Partners at Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., a D.C. law firm specializing in chemical, medical device, and diagnostic product approval and regulation, recently authored an article entitled "The Tozzi Decision: Another Arrow in Manufacturers' Quiver in Product Defense Wars." Although the article emphasized the importance of the court's decision for designations in the National Toxicology Program's Report on Carcinogens Program, CRE believes that it will have even greater significance for judicial review under the Data Quality Act. For example, the opinion provides precedent for standing when information disseminated by a federal agency is causing harm to a company or person to whom the information relates.

  • Click to read the Bergeson & Campbell article on Tozzi v. DHHS from the EPA Administrative Law Reporter
  • Click to submit a comment

    Washington Legal Foundation (WLF) Article Seeks Increased Judicial Review of Agency Science
    Alan Raul and Julie Zampa, of Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP, recently authored a WLF Legal Backgrounder entitled "Deeper Judicial Scrutiny Needed for Agencies' Use of Science." This thought-provoking article analyzed new ground broken by the Tozzi v. DHHS case in terms of expanding judicial review of federal agencies' use of science. Data Quality Act guidelines are also discussed as a positive step to improve transparency of agency decisionmaking and the quality of agency science. However, the article notes that courts have adopted very inconsistent approaches in conducting reviews of agency science, with some serious and probative, but others overly deferential. The authors conclude that the Tozzi case took a valuable step by increasing availability of judicial review, one which courts must build upon by exercising these enhanced powers so as to review agency science in a more consistent, predictable, and probative manner.

  • Click to review the WLF Legal Backgrounder
  • Click to submit a comment
  • CRE Regulatory Services

  • Risk Policy Report Publishes Article on the Federal Information Triangle
    Risk Policy Report, a preeminent publication in the field of risk analysis, has published an article on the Federal Information Triangle tracing its origins to the creation of OMB's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and its attendant regulatory statutes, the Paperwork Reduction Act and the Data Quality Act. The Risk Policy Report is a publication of Inside Washington Publishers.

  • Click to read article.
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    Definitive Data Quality Articles

    All 2003-1997 Articles