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OMB Papers on Centralized Regulatory Review

The White House Office of Management and Budget, through its review of all agency regulations, has a major influence on the federal regulatory process. The papers posted on this portion of the site include internal OMB working papers which led to the centralized review of agency regulations by OMB. These materials are from the private collection of Dr. Jim Tozzi, a member of the CRE Board of Advisors, who was also the first Deputy Administrator of OMB's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (the non-political appointee) and the career official in charge of Quality of Life Review (Nixon), the OMB regulatory review program instituted for EPA in the 1970's and the predecessor to regulatory review Executive Orders 12044 (Carter), 12291 (Reagan), 12866 (Clinton) and Seven Game Changers.

What is OIRA?
Presidential Review (ABA)
Policy Entrepreneur
Presidential Review (Harvard Law)
The History of Centralized Regulatory Review
            Review of Centralized Review
            National Archives Interview
            Policy Entrepreneurs 2

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